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A4matic is a design partnership between model maker Nicola Welbourne and illustrator Adam Foreman (A4man). Working as artists/animators they have both worked independently in various creative industries. After collaborating on some personal projects they began to receive client commissions as a pair, with Adam creating the 2D designs and Nicola translating them into 3D form. With increasing demand for this collaborative work an official partnership was born in 2015 called A4matic. The team have worked with a range of clients including illustrators, game developers, merchandisers and individuals looking for custom made figures or gifts.

Meet the team!

Adam Foreman Illustrator/Animator

An experienced freelancer with numerous illustration projects under his belt, Adam brings his unique art direction to A4matic. Website: a4man.com

Nicola Welbourne Model Maker/Animator

Nicola works as a model maker and stop motion animator and has several years industry experience. Website: nicolawelbourne.com